Gen Z TikToker can’t handle his father’s corny ‘dad jokes’: ‘His laugh kills me’

This Gen Z TikToker cannot handle his father’s silly “dad jokes!”

Joe Mele (@mmmjoemele) is a TikToker known for his comedic skits, often featuring his father, Frank, and other family members. Recently, Mele posted a video of his father telling him “dad jokes” until he laughs out loud, and it’s adorably wholesome. 


How long did you last?😂

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The clip captioned “Dad jokes until I laugh out loud” begins with a shot of Mele seated next to his father at the kitchen table. Mele, sporting a backward baseball cap and novelty sweatshirt, looks doubtfully to the camera. 

Meanwhile, Frank looks over gleefully at his son and rubs his hands in delight as if to say, “get ready, cause I’m about to crack a funny.” 

“Why don’t crabs give to charity?” Frank asks in a thick New York accent. “Because they’re cheap?” Mele responds unamused. 

“No,” Frank chuckles, shaking his head. “Because they’re shellfish,” Frank answers before cracking a wide smile and laughing in hysterics

The clip then cuts to a close-up shot of Mele, blushing and facetiously shaking his head over the sounds of his father’s laughter. While the joke managed to make Mele smile, it didn’t produce any audible snickering, so Frank moves on to his next bit. 

“Did you hear about the photographer who died when a piece of cheddar fell down on him?” Frank asks, annunciating each word as if he’s certain this joke will be the one to break his son

Again, Mele shakes his head while his face gets even redder.  “The people he was photographing did try to warn him…” Frank says, pausing for dramatic effect before calling “Cheese!” 

Before he can even finish the joke, Frank breaks down into fits of giggles, even slapping his hand on the table. This time Mele cracks a wider grin but still doesn’t quite laugh, but Frank doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

“What did the drummer call his twin daughters?” Franks asks. “What?” says Mele, making eye contact with the camera and bracing himself. 

“Anna 1, Anna 2,” Franks responds, air-drumming, “Anna one. Anna two.” Finally, Mele lets out a snort and starts to chuckle. 

Satisfied with himself, Frank looks at the camera, grinning from ear to ear, while pointing at his son, and declares, “He’s laughing!” 

While Mele might still need some convincing, viewers loved Frank’s dad jokes in addition to the duo’s warmhearted relationship.

“His laugh kills me,” one user commented. 

“I want a 3-minute video of him saying dad jokes,” said another viewer. 

While Frank’s jokes might not leave his son in stitches, he did gain some fans in the process. 

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