Millennial boss goes viral with video showing how his Gen Z employees talk via email

A startup founder is going viral after showing how his Gen Z employees communicate at work.

The post, which has plenty of millennials feeling old, comes from Tommy Flaim, the founder of the ethical activewear company Fox & Robin.

Flaim often uses the brand’s TikTok page (@foxandrobin) to chronicle his life as a startup founder, and in late March he shared a video that really caught viewers’ attention.

“POV: You start a new company and you only hire Gen Z,” Flaim, who identified himself as a “millennial boss,” wrote in a caption.

In the video, Flaim shows a series of hilarious email conversations with his younger employees.


It’s a Gen Z world, I’m just their millennial boss #genz #millenialboss #millenialsoftiktok #startup

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Several of Flaim’s employees use absurdly unique sign-offs, such as “Hasta la pasta :-)” and “Talk soon loser.” One employee seemingly changed his email signature to say “Don’t cross me.”

Others wrote things like “Apologies for existing,” and “You’re the best boss ever (lol jk).” As many commenters were quick to notice, one even seemed to be writing all of her messages in Comic Sans font.

The video now has nearly 15 million views, with many commenters praising Gen Zers for their unstuffy work lingo.

“Look how great life could be without professional formalities,” one user wrote.

“I like this new generation,” another added.

“Gen Z is immortal,” another agreed.

The video is just the latest viral clip to draw a distinction between Gen Zers and millennials.

In one recent video, a millennial dad showed his younger daughter his “time capsule” of early 2000s technology. In another, a teacher showed how her class hilariously failed her “millennial celebrity” quiz.

Flaim’s video, meanwhile, struck a largely positive tone with users. Several commenters even asked for a “team reveal” — and he happily obliged. That video, a Friends-style team intro, has almost 1 million views.

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