Gen Zers are moving away from alcohol, studies say

We’re nearing the end of “Dry January,” a yearly tradition in which people stop drinking alcohol for the first month of the year. 

However, some Gen Zers are taking it a step further and cutting out alcohol altogether. According to a Google study, drinking is in “general decline amongst this younger audience.” Many are becoming what’s known as “sober curious” — a term used to describe those moving away from alcohol. 

This deviation from the norms of previous generations is happening for several reasons. Some people have seen the effects of alcohol on others, while some don’t want to trade off the benefits of being a drinker for their personal health. 


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I have seen how alcohol can impact people in the worst possible way,” @jeniferbmedia said. “When I was 10 years old, I decided I was never going to drink to the point of getting drunk.”

Gen Zers are either not drinking period or switching to mocktails, which are non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails. They either include the same ingredients as a regular cocktail — just without the alcohol — or use non-alcoholic wines and beers to mix in. TikTok influencers who have a knack for making any trend “aesthetic” are doing the same with these non-alcoholic drinks

“The aesthetic mocktail girlies working endlessly to normalize sobriety for gen z and carrying the sober curious community on its back,” said @drinkcrispandcrude.

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I go to one of the top 10 party schools in the country,” said @clairecancook. “When I tell people I don’t drink, they’re usually shocked, assume I have a problem or I’m judging them for drinking themselves.”
“When gen z shows you how quickly alcohol ages you so you turn into a mocktail girly,” said @drinkcrispandcrude.

Recently, the New York Times discussed the potential health issues that come with drinking alcohol and why a reduction in “consumption beyond Dry January” could be beneficial. 

“When experts talk about the dire health consequences linked to excessive alcohol use, people often assume that it’s directed at individuals who have an alcohol use disorder,” Dana G. Smith wrote.  “But the health risks from drinking can come from moderate consumption as well.”

Smith goes on to explain the different health risks of consuming alcohol — which seem to work as good deterrents for Gen Z. 

There is even a new trend of a sober bar. This is a place where everything is the same as a normal bar, except drinks are non-alcoholic. 


Trend prediction: sober/alcohol-free bars and drink options will continue to pop up as the alcohol-free industry expands and Gen Z devalues alcohol. Better options and more inclusiveness are now a reality 🙌🏻 #greenscreen #alcoholfree #quitdrinking #stopdrinking #greyareadrinker #greyareadrinking #sobercuriousjourney #sobercuriousmovement #mindfuldrinker

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Finding inclusive and safe spaces has become more important for Gen Z as more of its members turn to sober curiosity.

Gen Z, for several reasons, is moving away from alcohol.

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