Gen Zer heals her ‘inner child’ by putting on the glasses she got bullied for wearing when she was younger: ‘they’re so Bella Hadid now’

21-year-old Hannah White (@hannahrwhite7) recently took a trip down memory lane when she posted a video of herself putting on a pair of glasses she wore as a child. Hannah’s reason for doing this, she says, is to help heal her “inner child.”

“healing my inner child by putting on the actual glasses i wore (and got bullied for) back in the day,” she writes.

As Selena Gomez’s “Who Says” plays, Hannah puts the rectangular frames on. She sings the lyrics, “I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else,” while smiling at the camera.

“they’re so bella hadid now”

The clip, while short, resonated greatly with other commenters — many of whom complimented her frames of choice.

“all the baddies had these glasses,” someone commented.

“they’re literally so cute tho,” another wrote.

“they’re so bella hadid now,” one user said, in reference to supermodel Bella Hadid.

Hannah posted a follow-up video sharing photos of herself as a young girl sporting various pairs of glasses.

“how could anyone bully this beautiful innocent soul”

“I don’t have a picture of me in those glasses because I went through a lot of glasses as a kid, and I would break them on purpose to get new ones,” she explains before showing pictures of herself in similar pairs.

“You’re so precious awwww I would’ve wanted to be your friend!!” someone wrote.

“Transition lenses got me too girl,” said a commenter.

“how could anyone bully this beautiful innocent soul,” another said.

In dusting off her old specs and wearing them with pride, Hannah reminds us just how important it is to show ourselves some self-love.

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