Gen Zers explain why they live life freely: ‘I don’t have kids’

JT, one half of the City Girls, recently sat down with Angie Martinez, one of hip-hop’s most beloved figures, for an interview. In the conversation, she discussed one of the biggest differences between her and Yung Miami, the other half of the City Girls, and why their lives are on separate tracks. 

“They gotta understand. I don’t have kids,” JT said. “I don’t have to go as hard.” 

While JT was talking about the freedom she has by not having children, Gen Zers and other child-free TikTokers were nodding their heads in agreement. Now, JT’s question is a trending sound on TikTok, as people with no kids explain their lifestyle to others with children. 

“POV: me explaining to my coworker how I can afford 200 dollar hairstyles, 100 dollar nails and all the shoes and clothes I want,” said @ayojadaa in her post. 

Across this trend, people agree with the sentiment of that post.

“Main reason I don’t want kids rn is cuz I’m not done spending all my $$ on myself,” said @authornellenikole under @ayojadaa’s video. 

On top of wanting the ability to spend money on themselves, Gen Zers in this trend are also explaining why they are eager to take vacations. 

“My Gen Z employee explaining to me why he needs a whole week off,” said @drcurves in his video. 

In some scenarios, the childless users have to give themselves a pep talk to buy and spend how they want.


like im just going to have to wear amiris for breakfast & these givenchy boots for dinner . #fyp #luxury #blackgirlluxury

♬ original sound – Taylor Winter ❄️

“Me to myself everytime i don’t treat myself to something expensive because im scared to go broke,” said @diamondljayyy.

There’s a clear lifestyle difference between those with and without children, and with JT’s words to perfectly explain their attitude, TikTokers are comfortable acknowledging that. 

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