Georgia man films tornado hitting house from his front porch

A man in Georgia is blowing TikTok viewers away with his up-close footage of a tornado hitting his house.

TikTok user @gcliff.horton appears to have stood in his front doorway and recorded a tornado’s strong winds pulling debris from all around his house. Eventually, a layer of the roof seems to come off and someone can be heard calmly saying, “There goes the roof.”

“Almost went for a ride today at Black Creek Golf Course,” @gcliff.horton joked in the video’s caption.

Around 1,200 tornadoes occur annually in the U.S., most commonly in the central Plains. Tornado winds form from the energy released in a thunderstorm, the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory reports, and the biggest threat to humans is being hit by the debris it stirs up.

That’s why it’s absolutely not a good idea to stand out in the open and film as @gcliff.horton did.

He went on to upload a follow-up video that showed just how devastating the effect of a tornado can be.

“Holy crap,” he can be heard saying in the clip.

Commenters, after learning that @gcliff.horton was OK and even had a sense of humor about the situation, were stunned by the video — particularly because the porch stayed perfectly intact.

“My dude! You got guts! Hope everyone is ok!” one person wrote.

“He casually says, ‘there goes the roof,'” another pointed out. “Man has no fear.”

“That’s one sturdy freaking porch!” someone said.

The CDC recommends that if you encounter a tornado, you should seek shelter in an inside room on the lowest floor, without any windows if possible. For added protection, it’s best to protect your head by either getting under something sturdy or covering yourself with a sleeping bag, mattress or the equivalent.

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