German shepherd’s reaction to ‘head-tilt check’ is hilarious

This “head-tilt check” might be the perfect new game to get your doggo’s attention. 

TikToker Noora Ahokannas hails from Finland and is the proud owner of a German shepherd named Gilda. Ahokannas regularly conducts “head-tilt checks” with Gilda using different sounds. The dog’s reactions say it all. 

“Head tilt check. Play this video for your dog and record all of the actions to the different sounds,” she said

She played a squeaky noise, a rooster, a dog barking, a whistling sound and other things to get the dog’s attention. 

The German shepherd tilted his head from one side to the other depending on the noise. Sometimes the canine would lean deeper into one tilt because of the sound. Gilda was definitely engaged the whole time. 

The video received 13 million views and 6.6 million likes on TikTok

“I thought she was gonna go a full 360 at a couple of points,” someone commented

“Those aren’t head tilts! Those are full on chiropractic adjustments!” a user said

“Definitely the champ of head tilt god the drama of it,” a person wrote

“Reaction to the whistle at the end. Would have been cool to see his reaction to wolves howling or train whistle! our dog ALWAYS answered!” another replied

“Both my dogs are giving me the stare down,” a TikToker added

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