Woman baffles TikTok with her ‘concerning,’ candy-filled pasta recipe

If you haven’t heard of “Getti Spaghetti” yet, consider yourself lucky.

The pasta recipe, which contains at least one completely perplexing ingredient, is leaving social media totally dumbfounded.

Getti Spaghetti comes courtesy of TikToker @gettishow, whose page is full of extreme and absurd recipes. At least some of @gettishow’s recipes appear to be intentionally bad — or at least designed to get a strong reaction.

Well, her latest recipe did exactly that. In a video that has garnered more than 4 million views in just one day, Getti showed her followers how to make her “special” spaghetti dish. Her secret ingredient? Nerds candies.


This is how you make Getti Spaghetti 🍝 ##hamburgermeat ##spaghetti ##pasta ##groundbeef ##wrapped ##ghetti ##gettispaghetti ##nerdscandy

♬ original sound – Getti

The clip starts with Getti wrapping ground beef around (??) a handful of dry spaghetti noodles. She then fry-cooks the strange combination and places it all into a baking dish.

From there, Getti adds some seemingly normal pasta ingredients — bell peppers, onions and some spices. Then, she reveals her surprise.

Much to her camera man’s surprise, Getti pulls out a pack of Nerds. She then proceeds to stick several of the tiny candies inside her meat — a tactic she claims will “release the sugars” in the dish.

TikTok users were, unsurprisingly, appalled. Many called the dish “concerning,” “crazy” or a “waste of food.”

“This should be a crime,” one commenter wrote.

“Some people just aren’t meant to cook,” another added.

“Gordon Ramsay is crying,” another wrote.

Reactions aside, it’s worth noting that “Getti Spaghetti” is, in all likelihood, a prank. In the. clip, Getti does in fact claim the enjoy the pasta, but her other videos provide ample evidence that the TikToker often uses her page to stir outrage.

In the past few weeks alone, Getti has shared “recipe” videos for chocolate-filled eggs and Hot Cheetos mac and cheese. Some of her other clips feature practical jokes and comedy skits.

Still, it’s impossible to prove for sure whether Getti Spaghetti is for real. All this writer can actually say is this: For my sake and yours, please don’t try this recipe at home.

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