Social media stunned by spiderweb large enough to trap a human: ‘I’d freak out seeing this’

A photo of a colossal spiderweb in Missouri has social media talking.

On Sept. 30, the Missouri Department of Conservation shared a photo of the monstrosity on Facebook, where it was shared nearly 3,000 times.

“MDC Media Specialist Francis Skalicky snapped a pic of the orb weaver’s spiderweb while out on a trail in Springfield recently,” the agency wrote. “A number of species of orb weavers can be found in Missouri. Their webs are most noticeable in late summer in fall, when webs and adults reach their largest size. This one is a bit bigger than a dinner plate.”

ORBWEAVER SPIDERWEB: MDC Media Specialist Francis Skalicky snapped a pic of the orbweaver’s spiderweb while out on a…

Posted by Missouri Dept. of Conservation on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The image shows the web stretched between two trees. The web’s size suggests it’s large enough to perhaps trap a young child, although the department did not disclose the web’s exact measurements. Still, Facebook users had a lot to say.

“I’d freak out seeing this, knowing there is a spider the size of my hand nearby,” one person wrote.

“This is why you don’t want to be the first one down the path in the morning,” another joked.

Others expressed their amazement.

“Beautiful piece of work,” one commented. “Amazing how something can be so beautiful and so scary at the same time.”

“Beautiful,” a second posted. “I love the orb weavers. They are such hard working little creatures.”

According to the conservation agency, spotted orb weavers can often be found in open woods, tall grassy areas and around fenceposts and buildings. They normally build their webs at dusk and catch their prey — which consists of mostly flying insects like crane flies and moths — at night. Interestingly enough, orb weavers rebuild their webs every day, reingesting the strands of web from the night before to create a new web.

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