Woman shares ‘genius’ way to gift wrap anything for the holidays

Tracie Garrett is the queen of Wrap TikTok. She dedicated her entire page to the art of gift wrapping. 

She nabbed 1.8 million TikTok followers with her wrapping techniques. Garrett can wrap anything, even objects, in the most unusual or impractical shapes. So if you’re struggling to figure out how to make all your holiday presents look, well, presentable, you’ll want to be sure to check out Garrett’s work. 

In one video, she showed how to wrap a wine bottle. First, she wrapped the cylinder in red gift wrap. Then she folded the excess wrapping at the neck of the bottle accordion style. Garrett tied a gold ribbon around the bottle from bottom to top. Then she made a decorative fan out of the accordion section. 


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Garrett also wrapped a small pair of ankle socks. She folded black gift wrap over each side of the pair to create a rectangle shape. Then she used a hole puncher to make a hole on the top left corner and the bottom right corner. She looped orange string a few times through the holes for a decorative diagonal line, then tied a small bow with the excess.

In another clip, Garrett wrapped a skateboard. She placed the skateboard on its flat side on a sheet of gift wrap. She folded the wrap horizontally down the center. Then she folded the two vertical sides. The skateboard looked almost like a solid square shape in the wrap.

“That’s so crafty and genius; makes it harder for the present to be guessed,” a user commented

“I would have taken the easy way out and gotten a box, LOL,” a user joked

“This is exactly how I wrapped my nephew’s skateboard. It was the only way that made sense to me,” another said

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