Girl captures the moment her little sister asks a guy out, and their reactions are priceless: ‘it’s the silent instructions for me’ 

As a middle schooler, there are few things more exhilarating than asking out the person you like … over the phone.

20-year-old TikTok user Paige Benish (@paige.benish) captured the exact moment her little sister mustered up the courage to ask her crush to be her boyfriend. The 20-second video perfectly captures the intensity of such a moment, especially at that age.

“my sister asked out her crush like a boss,” Paige writes.


to be in middle school again

♬ original sound – paigebenish

Paige’s little sister launches right into it.

“I have a question. Are you by yourself right now?” she asks.

She continues, “OK. Can I ask you a question?”

As we wait for the boy’s response, Paige and her sister can be seen mouthing words to one another — a classic big-sister-little-sister coaching session.

“Would you wanna be my boyfriend?” she asks before immediately covering her mouth in shock.

“Sure,” the boy responds. Paige and her sister burst into screams.

“I’m so happy kids are still doing this over the phone”

The wholesome video garnered positive responses from TikTok users, many of whom were reminiscing about the innocence of a middle school crush.

“What is it about middle school relationships? They’re so awkward but so so special,” someone wrote.

“it’s the silent instructions for me,” another replied.

“I’m so happy kids are still doing this over the phone,” one user commented.

Gathering the confidence to reveal your feelings to someone is no easy feat at any age, let alone as a middle schooler. Kudos to Paige and her sister for making it happen!

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