Girl gets cheated on and decides to check the status of her college application so she can ‘feel all the pain at once’

What’s worse than being cheated on? Being cheated on during college admissions season.

High school senior Danielle (@kp.danielle) recorded a video of herself chatting with her friends as they attempted to hype her up in the wake of finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her.

“i got cheated on and then opened college decisions,” she writes.

As any supportive friends would, Danielle’s offer her words of comfort.

“You have so many other good things, Dani. That’s what I keep telling you…You have so many other good things going on,” one friend says. “We know you’re sad.”

“He’s not someone to cry about,” another friend responds, to which Danielle says she’s going to open her admissions decision from Washington University.

“No, don’t do it right now. If you do it right now, I swear to God,” her friend reacts. “Dani, we’re not opening that decision right now. You’re not ready.”

Danielle’s justification for opening her application status? She just wants “to feel all the pain at once.”

In the video, shock washes over Danielle’s face.

“I got in!” she yells as the video ends.

“that could’ve gone in so many different ways”

Danielle’s post, which has more than 3.1 million views and 633,100 likes, has elicited hilarious reactions from other TikTokers. Based on their responses, let’s just say Danielle isn’t the only one who’s wanted to feel all the pain at once.

“ur friends are so real for that BYE,” someone replied, to which Danielle responded, “too real i dont deserve them.”

“ur so real bc i would’ve done this too,” one user wrote.

“that could’ve gone in so many different ways,” another said.

“‘I just want to feel all the pain at once’ was TOO REAL HAHSHSHGD CONGRATS GIRL!!” another TikToker commented.

Breakups are rough, but luckily, Danielle has a supportive group of friends and an acceptance letter to ease the pain.

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