Girl tests guys’ loyalty to their girlfriends by hitting on them

A Canadian college student has been investigating whether guys are willing to cheat on their girlfriends by purposely sliding in their DMs.

Sydney Di Cola, who has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, has been conducting “loyalty tests” on behalf of her followers. The test is simple: she finds any given guy’s Instagram account, hits on him via direct message and sees whether he will take the bait. She then exposes the unsuspecting person on TikTok, where her followers share their two cents on the situation.

In one clip that was shared on June 1, Di Cola says one girl was willing to pay her $100 to carry out a loyalty test on her boyfriend — an offer Di Cola said she turned down while noting that she would still help the girl for free.

“I’m getting weird vibes,” the girl writes to Di Cola, in a screenshot the latter shared in the clip. “I don’t think he’s loyal.”


SHE OFFERED TO PAY ME $100😱 ##fyp ##boyfriend

♬ original sound – syddthesciencekidddd

Upon receiving the boyfriend’s Instagram handle, Di Cola then messages him.

“If you played soccer, I bet you’d play goalie, cause you’re a keeper,” she writes him.

According to the conversation between the two, the unidentified boyfriend initially doesn’t seem to understand Di Cola’s pickup line, at which point Di Cola clarifies herself.

“Haha I’m just trying to say I think you’re cute,” she writes back.

Though the boyfriend says the compliment is unexpected, he returns it and asks Di Cola whether she’s in college.

“Yea I am!” Di Cola responds. “You should give me your [Snapchat handle] so we can get to know each other better.”

The boyfriend agrees but says that he can’t give his handle right away because his “girlfriend is coming over soon.” Di Cola then tries to goad the boy, writing, “I was really hoping you were single.”

When the boyfriend replies by apologizing for having a girlfriend, Di Cola, in turn, hints that he can always have her “on the side.” The boy writes back “I guess” and shares his Snapchat handle, telling Di Cola to add him as a friend only when he tells her to.

“He obviously did not pass the vibe check,” Di Cola says in the TikTok clip.

Di Cola’s post has since gone viral, receiving nearly 3 million likes and more than 7,000 comments criticizing the boyfriend.

“He belongs to the streets,” one person wrote.

“And this is why I have TRUST ISSUES,” another commented.

“I love how he flat out admitted he had a girl and continued,” a third sarcastically wrote in response.

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