Glass artist transforms beer bottles into ‘brilliant’ sculptures

Josh Mazet is a glass artist who’s going viral on TikTok for his incredible sculptures.

Mazet specializes in lampworking — rather than blowing glass to manipulate it, he uses tools to roll and twirl the glass into different shapes. The artist has done glasswork for 20 years and uses Pyrex glass to make his signature pendants and sculptures with psychedelic and intricate details. 

“I’ve always credited it to that — to taking something common in our daily lives and transforming it into something so different,” Mazet told In The Know. “[It] really opens people’s minds to reconsider what’s possible.” 

In October, a video of Mazet turning a beer bottle into a dragon blew up on social media. Using a Fat Tree bottle, a torch, tweezers and a sculpting tool, he stretched the neck of the bottle, then molded a head out of the tip. The result was an instant statue of a serpent-like dragon. 

“I love this and want to learn,” one user said

“Brilliant creativity! I loved watching this,” another wrote

“This is next level,” someone commented

The video earned 67.5 million TikTok views.

“While I do make intricate and more complicated pieces, the bottle dragon has always been a favorite for demonstrating and always is a hit with an audience,” Mazet said.

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