Mom captures ‘glitch in the matrix’ moment when twin toddlers trip at exact same time

This TikTok parent shared the hilarious “glitch in the matrix” moment her twin toddlers tripped at the exact same time!

Desiree Chantae (@dunstontwins) is the mom of two-year-old fraternal twins Zachary III and Zaelia. Desiree shares plenty of adorable videos of her twins on TikTok, including the hilarious moment the two twins were running up the front steps of her home and tripped at the exact same time! Desiree dubbed the in sync moment a “glitch in the matrix!”

The video begins with Zachary and Zaelia running down the path that leads to their home. The barefoot twins each wear one-piece pajamas and grin widely as they run down the concrete path. The two-year-olds are surefooted as they sprint down the path, passing a trampoline and a handful of yard toys. 

As they race, Zaelia leads the way, with Zachary trailing a few feet behind his sister. Zaelia approaches the steps leading up to the house first, confidently ascending the first two steps at the same moment that Zachary reaches the first step. 

Then, at the exact same moment, both twins trip. Perfectly in sync, the twins fall to their hands and knees and pause for a moment. Then, unfazed, the twins stand up at the same time, and run across the porch to greet their mom

The video ends with the two twins jumping up and down excitedly as they reach Desiree. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious video, which racked up 3.3 million views and counting!

“I need this in slow motion,” wrote one TikToker. 

“OMG that was amazing! I’ve watched it 3 times,” commented another viewer. 

“Ok, but if they were side by side, I could make sense of it. Like, they tripped on a step or something. How did they pull that off?” asked another baffled TikToker. 

Zachary and Zaelia certainly are perfectly synchronized twins!

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