TikToker rattles viewers with conspiracy theory

A TikToker known for sharing conspiracy theories — or, as he puts it, spilling “conspiracTEA” — on his account made an unsettling discovery that rattled his 2.4 million followers.

The conspiracy theorist, known simply as Ty, shares videos to #GlitchTok, a creepy corner of the app where users discuss conspiracy theories. It’s a strange-but-popular corner of the internet: Videos using the GlitchTok hashtag have almost 30 million combined views.

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In one of Ty’s TikToks, he poses the question: Did we switch dimensions in 2020?

“We need to talk about this,” Ty says at the start of his video. “OK, everyone’s been talking about how last year — 2020 — felt really off to a lot of people, not just because of COVID but because of time and everything.”


THE LAST PART- please tell me you guys know what I’m talking about!! #conspiracy

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Ty goes on to explain a theory he heard, which purports that we all entered an alternate dimension in 2020 — but when we entered 2021, we were all “transported back” to our original dimension.

“I know it sounds crazy, but please just listen to this evidence,” Ty begged.

The first piece of evidence Ty presents is the 2021 New Year’s Eve ball drop, which dropped at 12:01 a.m. instead of at midnight like usual.

“This is the first time ever that the ball drop has been off,” he explains. “People think it’s because we were transporting from one dimension to the other and it messed up the time.”

Next, Ty points out how technology even seems confused.

“Technology still thinks we’re in 2020 for some reason,” Ty says.

In the background, he shares a screenshot of what happened when he asked Siri, “How many days are left until 2021?” The answer was 357.

Last, and arguably the spookiest point Ty makes, is how old Mandela effects seem to be reverting.

“There used to be a huge Mandela effect that everyone thought Froot Loops was spelled ‘Froot’ with two O’s, but it was actually spelled as ‘Fruit,'” Ty says. “But all of a sudden it’s back how we remember it with two O’s!”

To further back this up, Ty explains that he used to be obsessed with Mandela effects and started a note on his phone in 2017, listing all the ones he knew of. The third one listed says: “Froot Loops is actually Fruit Loops.”

After a frantic Google search, it’s true. The Kellogg’s cereal is written as Froot Loops.

Based on Ty’s responses, it seems like most TikTok viewers were skeptical until he brought up Froot Loops.

“HOLD UP,” one person wrote.

“OK you didn’t have me until you said Fruit Loops IS THAT TRUE?” another said.

A lot of people also seemed convinced that they specifically can’t remember Easter 2020, claiming it must have been because of the alternate dimension.

One user summarized everything perfectly: “OK nothing is real.”

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