TikTokers are using a filter to determine whether they are ‘pretty’ or ‘hot’

TikTok has found yet another way to rate people’s hotness. The new “Glow Look” filter has started a new trend. 

The feature is designed to give users a “full beat” or a full face of trendy makeup. It adds smokey eye shadow, red lipstick, falsies, smoothes the skin and turns the eyes blue for some reason. People have previously used filters to rate themselves on an attractiveness scale. Now TikTokers are using it to determine if they are “hot” or “just pretty.” 

Are you pretty or just hot? 

Morgan Nichole explained how to use the “Glow Look” filter to figure out your attractiveness. 

“If [the filter] looks realistic, you’re hot. And if it looks like s***, you’re just pretty,” Nichole explained

Nichole wasn’t satisfied with the results of the test herself and declared that she was “just pretty.” 

How to get the “Glow Look” filter on TikTok 

1. Open the TikTok app. Hit “Discover” located on the bottom bar. 

2. Type “Glow Look filter” into the search bar located at the top.

3. Find a video that uses the “Glow Look” filter. 

4. Hit the orange star located above the username that says “Glow Look.” Then click the pink record button to activate the filter. 

Examples of the “pretty or just hot” TikTok trend

Sofia Diaz looked into the camera. Then she appeared stunned when she saw herself with the filter. It seamlessly worked with her natural features. 

TikToker @x_shaniceeee was also pleased with her results. She tried the filter donning a bald cap. 

However, @reagan.and.madison said the filter was “all about lighting.” She held the camera at one angle showing how good it looked on her. Then she faced another direction to show how the filter was less effective with bad lighting

Not everyone felt the “Glow Look” filter worked on them 

“IDK how y’all look good with that TikTok ‘Glow Filter.’ Like, huh? I look terrifying, bro. Maybe it’s Maybellineeee,” @ishbelwarifa tweeted.

“First of all, it doesn’t look normal on me because I am Black,” one person commented on a TikTok. 

“This filter made me look like a Disney villain,” another TikToker said

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