5 gluten-free desserts that won’t make you miss flour at all

To say gluten intolerance or sensitivity can be inconvenient is an understatement. The condition comes with symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea, according to WebMD. It’s certainly enough to make you want to cut gluten out of your diet altogether — and a doctor might recommend doing just that! But going gluten-free means going flour-free, which can feel like a big sacrifice if you have a sweet tooth.

That said, a gluten-free diet doesn’t always mean that you have to cut out your favorite desserts. Here are five delicious gluten-free desserts that won’t have you missing the flour at all. 

1. Gluten-free banana bread cookie

If you’ve got an overripe banana in your kitchen, these tasty cookies are a must. They give you all the satisfaction of a slice of banana bread in a single bite! TikToker @sweatininpink also shares a genius tip: To make your own oat flour, just blend oats at home

2. Gluten-free apple cider cookie dough balls (vegan)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so what better way to add the tasty fruit than with these gluten-free apple cider cookie dough balls? This simple, no-bake dessert is sweet, flavorful and oh so satisfying — even without the flour!

3. Gluten-free sweet potato brownies

These are fudgy, gooey and naturally sweetened! Plus it’s a great way to sneak vegetables into your dessert. Roasting the sweet potatoes first will draw out their natural sugars, making them a perfect complement to the chocolate. Oat flour replaces regular flour in this recipe to make it a healthy and gluten-free after-dinner treat. 

4. Gluten-free banana berry oat squares (vegan)


wait!!!! please don’t throw out your soggy banana. please 😪 #veganrecipes #snack #glutenfree #banana

♬ Morning Breeze (Lofi) – Spaced Out

Another recipe that saves your overripe banana from the compost bin! This fruity, layered treat gives you the best of both worlds with its sweet jam filling and soft oat crust. 

5. Gluten-free date balls

Finally, these dessert balls get their sweetness from dates! Blended oats and peanuts give them texture and crunch while also helping to keep everything together. Plus rolling these bad boys out could be kind of therapeutic, no?

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