Godfall for PlayStation 5 debuts launch trailer ahead of release

Godfall, one of the initial games that will release alongside the PlayStation 5, put out a trailer ahead of its launch.

Okay, so first off: this game is very pretty. Fancy graphics are always a priority when it comes to console launch titles in order to entice early sales and Godfall definitely delivers. Godfall’s prodigious use of ray tracing makes it a vivid showcase of the PlayStation 5’s lighting effects.

You’ll be playing as Orin, the last of the Valorian knights, who is trying to stop his megalomaniac brother Macros and save the realm of Asperion. It’s the usual high fantasy stuff with a sci-fi twist, sort of like Thor in the Marvel movies. You’ll be wielding things like swords, halberds, shields and other medieval weaponry, but with glowy lasers and explosions.

The game has advertised itself as a looter-slasher, harkening back to games like Destiny which are all about grinding. Of course, Godfall throws out the guns in favor of classic RPG weapons, but the game is still all about playing the same encounters over and over to get better arms and equipment.

Credit: Gearbox Publishing

Godfall has already drawn comparisons with titles like Dark Souls, but other than being visually impressive and in the same general category of third-person action games, the games seem quite dissimilar. Everything we’ve seen of Godfall promotes flashy, offensive gameplay in contrast to Dark Souls, which requires patience and active defense to prevail.

As with several upcoming games, Godfall’s release schedule is a bit complicated. The game has a six-month exclusivity deal with Sony, so if you’re a console gamer, expect to see it launch alongside the PlayStation 5 on Nov. 12 and hit the other consoles next year.

It’s also coming to PC on Nov. 12 via the Epic Games Store. After one year, Godfall will be available on other PC gaming distributors.

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