Golde is the superfood specialty brand that targets looking great on the outside by focusing on health & wellness on the inside

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What if your morning cup of coffee could help boost your immune system and give you healthy, glowing skin? That’s the goal of Golde, a wellness brand that uses the power of superfoods to create products that improve your health and leave you feeling beautiful on the inside and out. 

Trinity Mouzon Wofford founded Golde (@golde) with her high school sweetheart Issey. Issey and Trinity were frustrated with the limited range of wellness products available and wanted to create something that was both high quality and affordable.

“I was looking at my own experiences in wellness and feeling really caught between the sort of crunchy granola stuff that I had grown up with and then the next wave of offerings that felt so luxe and prestige that it was just totally out of reach,” Trinity tells In The Know. “So that was really our mission and we started off really, really simple and just grew organically from there.”

Trinity and Issey started using superfoods to create products that were both healthy and delicious. Many of their products are designed to be added to beverages, and provide extra flavor while also promoting health and beauty

Golde’s Superfood Latte, for example, is “incredible for your skin, for gut health, for immunity,” according to Trinity. It’s also easy to fit into your daily routine. “You can just add it to milk, you can add it to your morning coffee,” says Trinity. “[It’s] super easy, 100% plant-based and really superfood forward.”

Golde’s Coconut Collagen Boost, meanwhile, helps your body produce more collagen, while their Shroom Shield helps with stress and immunity. Describing the Shroom Shield, Trinity tells In The Know, “It actually tastes like hot cocoa. So it’s a mushroom cocoa blend that you’re adding to your coffee, your morning smoothie, and it’s giving you those benefits of functional mushrooms like reishi.” 

Not all of Golde’s products are edible, however. Golde also makes face masks designed to give you glowing skin. Like many of their other products, the secret ingredient is superfoods. Trinity explains that the Clean Greens Face Mask is “made with 100% real superfoods.”

“It’s a powder that you just add a little bit of water to, apply it to your skin, and it gives you that clear, glowing complexion 100% naturally,” she tells In The Know. “We really believe in the power of superfoods inside and out.”

Trinity’s goal is to make Golde’s wellness and beauty products accessible to all. She hopes to ensure that everyone can enjoy the health benefits that superfoods have to offer.

“We’ve had a phenomenal year so far,” Trinity tells In The Know. “We’re really so excited about this opportunity to continue to bring superfoods to everyone, expanding to more locations, bringing more products, and just continuing to grow. So that’s our mission for 2022 and beyond.”

If you want to boost your health with some Golde products, head over to their website and use the code ITK15 for 15% off purchases from October 6 to November 11.

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