Golden retriever must be ‘first one’ to greet baby girl every morning

This family’s golden retriever has a morning routine that isn’t complete until he visits his best friend. 

TikTok mom @mostlyadorable is mom to baby Vanora and dog mom to Taco, a golden retriever. Every morning Taco rushes to Vanora’s room to say hello before anyone else. Their adorable bond is like no other. 

“My dog loves being the first one to greet my baby every morning,” the video caption said. “This is pretty much his morning routine.” 

Taco was ready at the bottom of the steps with his tail wagging, practically demanding to see the baby girl. He eagerly led the way, looking back to make sure the mom was still there. When she teased Taco by pretending to open the nursery door, he wasn’t having it. 

The door opened, and Taco burst in. Vanora was already awake and fully upright in her crib. The golden retriever gently greeted her by giving her a few sniffs and jumping up and down next to her crib. 

The video received 19.3 million views and 3 million likes. 

“You just think it’s your baby, but I’m pretty sure it’s HIS baby. Least he thinks so,” a person replied

“This is totally adorable. the baby looks anxious to see him also,” a TikToker added

“This is exactly like my dog in the morning. When we wake up he makes his rounds to the kids and each one gets a greeting just like this,” another wrote

“The way he was already awake,” someone said

“If he could open the door you bet he would,” a user commented

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