Golden Retriever pup insists on walking her big brother in adorable video

This dog brother and sister are the cute fix you need to get through the day.

Jasper and Louise are two Golden Retrievers living in Toronto. Their adventures are documented on the Instagram account, jasperthegoldenboy. Jasper is turning 4 years old in December, while his little sister Louise was born in April 2020 — so they’ve got a very adorable big dog, little pup dynamic going. 

The Instagram is full of the dynamic duo’s antics. Like the time Louise treated her water bowl like a mini pool, much to Jasper’s confusion. Or when Jasper tried to give a dangling window washer a shoe through the glass.

Sometimes, Louis even tries to walk her older brother. Such was the case in a video in June when Louise was only a couple of months old and even tinier

“Who needs pawrents when you’ve got a Louise to walk you,” the caption stated

In the clip, little Louise, a fraction of the size of Jasper, tugs at his leash to guide him through an apartment complex’s hallway. Louise wags her tail as she excitedly pulls him in every direction. Jasper looks somewhat unfazed — almost as though this happens all the time. 

The video garnered over 25,500 views on Instagram. 

“What an adorable puppy and a patient parent,” one user wrote

“Oh my heart is melting for these two cuties,” another said

“He is so sweet with her. We don’t deserve dogs,” someone said

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