Groomer butchers Goldendoodle’s haircut: ‘Even he’s embarrassed’

A woman says she was left “with a new dog” after groomers gave her pet an awful haircut. 

TikToker @inputcoffee was stunned when a miscommunication led groomers to believe she wanted a very short haircut for her dog Scout. The small dog went from fluffy to nearly naked after the unfortunate mistake.

“I took Scout to a new groomer, and I left with a new dog,” she wrote in the caption. “This was his previous haircut, and I was wanting the same cut.” 

Scout is a Goldendoodle, and with his previous haircut, his fur was white, fluffy and curly with floppy light brown ears. But Scout was unrecognizable after the owner dropped him off at the groomer. It’s strange to describe a dog as “bald,” but his new look was extremely clean-shaven. 

The groomer removed all of Scout’s curls, even on his ears. The Goldendoodle looked more like a Greyhound or chihuahua. It was definitely not a haircut most would expect for his breed. 

“Did you ask for the love child of Dobby and Golem ’cause if so, they nailed it?” someone joked

“Even he’s embarrassed. Oh no,” a person wrote

“They did this to my pup too! And I know he wasn’t matted. It took forever to grow back, too!” another said

When some people in the comments suggested Scout’s hair was matted, thus requiring a close shave, the owner provided some clarification. 

“My dog was not matted. I brush and comb him regularly,” the owner said. “It was a miscommunication between the groomer and me. She thought I wanted a very short cut. She apologized and gave a full refund. I understand mistakes happen, and he will be back to his fluffy self soon.” 

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