Golfer combines basketball, baseball and football for an impressive trick shot

New Englander Casey Leonard is a trick shot artist and amateur golfer.

Leonard’s Instagram, kctrickshotz, mostly features him practicing out on the green. If he’s not there, then Leonard might be scoring while on the toiletusing eggs as golf balls or using golf balls to snuff candles. But this viral clip has little to do with golf — at first glance, at least. Here’s a hint, the athlete captioned this stunt “Faseketball.” 

Leonard put a football on baseball mount and is holding a baseball bat ready to swing, but he is not out on a diamond field. Leonard is standing on the grassy outskirts of a basketball court. The hoop is so far away you can barely even make it out. 

Then Leonard swings and connects the bat with the football — he scores! Now that’s one way to translate those golfing skills into another sport. The trickster’s video racked up over 22,000 views on Instagram

“The field goal is a three-pointer home run!!!” one user wrote

“So sick, my man. Three-sport combos are the best, haha,” another said

“Dude, this is one of your best ones yet!” someone wrote

While Leonard’s method may seem unconventional, using a baseball swing to improve your golf swing is a common practice. Many golfers incorporate the same baseball principles regarding stance, rhythm, weight shift and release in their training. 

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