Good Samaritan provides contactless goodies to thank delivery workers

A woman decided to give back to hard-working delivery drivers in the simplest way. 

Laura, a Los Angeles native, wanted to provide something of a pick-me-up to all of the couriers that deliver her mail and packages day after day. During a time where everything must be contactless due to COVID-19, Laura came up with a social distance-approved goodie box for the workers. 

She placed a woven basket with drinks, candy bars and bananas outside of her door. 

“To our amazing delivery and USPS workers: please take whatever you need for now or for later. And thank you for all your work. Happy holidays and stay safe and warm,” Laura wrote on a note. 

The homeowner shared footage from her security camera that showed how significant the small gesture was. Each time a worker or the regular postal woman came by, they were first taken aback by the sign and then eager to grab a snack. Most of them thanked Laura as they were walking away. 

“As the delivery servicemen and women have been working throughout a pandemic and have even more pressure on them during this holiday season, I put out a basket of snacks and drinks for them to take in case they needed a little pick-me-up,” Laura told Newsflare

The U.S. is experiencing an unprecedented amount of shipments due to the holidays and the pandemic. Nearly 19,000 of the U.S. Postal Service’s 644,000 workers are currently under quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, according to the Washington Post

It’s pretty clear these workers are working hard under scary conditions, so kudos to Laura for making their job even a little bit easier! 

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