A clip of Adam Driver saying ‘good soup’ somehow expresses what TikTokers cannot

An old clip from Girls has become a viral meme on TikTok — thanks to two words uttered by Adam Driver. 

People are using audio of Driver saying “good soup” to convey their love of soup and soup-like things. In typical TikTok fashion, the trend is a healthy mix of irony and weirdness. So here’s why people are suddenly obsessed with “good soup.”

Adam Driver says “good soup” on Girls

In the sixth season of the HBO series, Driver and Lena Dunham have a somber meeting at a diner. Their romantic relationship is essentially coming to an end and an awkward silence fills the room. Then Driver takes a loud slurp of soup, makes the “OK” sign with his hands and mutters, “good soup.” 

What is the “good soup” TikTok trend

On August 15, a TikToker uploaded the clip with the video caption, “me when the soup is good.” 

Since then people have begun using the sound to share humorous takes on some of their personal lows or their favorite “soups.” The sound currently has 162,000 videos associated with it. 

“When you’re having a mental breakdown and a tear rolls into your mouth,” @itsjacksonjansen said in a caption. “Good soup.” 

“8-year-old me sucking the water out of my hair after a shower,” @skatieoshea said as she suckled the ends of her wet hair. 

“When you break your face and tooth so you can only drink soup,” @gogo.dino said sharing some pretty gnarly injuries

“You’re either mentally stable on on ‘good soup’ TikTok,” @heathermacc joked in a video

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