Random government farewell video goes viral on TikTok for its ‘Parks and Rec’ vibes

An adorable farewell video to a local municipal worker named Connie is going viral on TikTok. 

In the video, a group of employees at an Orange County, Ind. clerk’s office each took a turn saying goodbye to an employee named Connie. Now people on TikTok are obsessed.

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What is the “Goodbye Connie” video on TikTok? 

“Congratulations from the Orange County clerk’s office,” a man said to the camera. 

“We wish you the best in your future endeavors,” County Clerk Elizabeth Jones added. 

“We appreciate the good job that you have done for the state of Indiana,” another woman said. 

“Goodbye, Connie!” the final person, Deputy Clerk Olivia Griffith, said.

The sincerity and earnestness of the video seemed to hit users in the feels and earned over 765,000 views. 

“Congrats, Connie,” Red Bull commented.

“Good luck, Connie,” Arbys said

“This gives me Parks and Recreation vibes. I love it!” another wrote

The “Goodbye, Connie” video was never meant to be seen, however. 

The video was uploaded to the account @deputyclerk in a hilariously haphazard way. Several versions and attempts of the same video, some with the video sideways or upside down, were posted. 

TikTokers quickly realized the clips probably weren’t meant for the public, but rather the mysterious Connie alone. 

“We didn’t know that it was on TikTok,” Jones told the Verge. “Somehow it got in the ‘For You’ page and it got send to a lot of people. People were like, why did I get this. It was really meant just to be her goodbye video.”

Who is Connie? And what’s the real story behind the “Goodbye, Connie” video? 

The Connie in question is actually Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson. The Orange County Clerk’s Office decided to create a farewell video for the beloved municipal worker who is retiring.

The office used TikTok because of its features, but none of the employees had ever used the app before and struggled. 

“The one where I’m singing… that definitely wasn’t supposed to be seen by anybody else,” Jones told the Verge.

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