Former Goodwill worker explains why it’s hard to find ‘really good items’ in-store

A former Goodwill employee claimed to reveal an insider secret about why there’s nothing “valuable” sold at the thrift store anymore.

The TikToker @scroochmagooch previously worked as a drive-thru ambassador at Goodwill. His job was to take donations from drivers and price them based on their value to be sold in the store. However, anything of real value brought to Goodwill, it turns out, is quickly shepherded away. 

“We were told that if we came across anything that was valuable to take straight to the manager so it could be sold to our e-commerce store,” he said

“Those items that we find are valuable do not get put out on the floor. It’s sent to wherever our headquarters is so it can be sold online on what Goodwill’s version of eBay is.” 

He added that people looking for anything scannable like rare books, DVDs or video games likely wouldn’t find that at a Goodwill brick-and-mortar store. Instead, try your hand bidding on the items at

“That’s why a lot of times, nowadays, you just can’t find really good items at Goodwill because they’re all getting sent off to be sold off at the [online] store,” he said

Viewers were split between being surprised by the revelation, while others didn’t seem surprised. 

“In the ’80s, I found amazing stuff. Now, I feel bad for the crummy clothing they offer people,” a user commented

“That’s why I only go to church rummage sales … gold!” someone wrote

“This is sad and very disheartening for all those people out there in need. They’re just left with crap,” a person said

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