What is the Google Form Challenge? Prepare to learn some harsh truths

TikTokers have found a new use for Google Forms: to roast their friends. 

The “Google Form Challenge” has people using the app to create personalized quizzes that not-so-subtly prove the truth can be brutal. 

What is the “Google Form Challenge” on TikTok? 

TikTokers have been using the Google Forms app and website to make surveys for their friends. It has pre-made themes that turn the results into easy-to-understand visual graphics and charts. 

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Participants are using their data visualization skills to ask some seriously spicy questions and the results are hilarious. 

The #googleform hashtag currently has over 94.3 million views. 

Here are some examples of how the “Google Form Challenge” can get messy. 

A user named Emily Ward took it as an opportunity to gather data about her … community. 

“Hi, my name is Emily Ward and I made a Google Form and sent it to people in my town who don’t like me,” Ward announced in a video. 

Ward went through their answers with great delight. Some said it was because she was a Scorpio and too strange. 


I would like to disagree on one of the answers….we ALL have nice bodies🥰 #fyp #greenscreen #lockdown #googleform #foryoupage

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TikToker @esuagarin took a more lighthearted approach and surveyed her friend group to figure out who was the nicest, meanest and who had gotten over their exes. 

But it appeared Chloe Ross did the “Google Form challenge” just to hilariously prove she was better than her best friend Abby. 

Ross had her friends vote on who whether she or Abby was the most attractive, funniest and nicest. Chloe pretty much won, so congrats to her.

Participate in the Google Form Challenge at your own risk!

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