Grandson searches for his late grandmother on Google Maps when he misses her

The Internet is getting teary-eyed over one man’s surprisingly touching confession: Every Chinese New Year, when he finds himself missing his late grandmother, he searches for her on Google Maps. There, on the corner of 840 Hougang Central, he sees her crossing the intersection, and it’s as though she never left.

The story was shared on TikTok last month by @retroridersg, who typically posts content about retro video games, vintage nostalgia and “other randomness.” But his latest video has struck a chord with thousands of strangers.


Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma. #fyp #foryoupage #coldplayyellow #cny2023 #grandma

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Before the young man’s grandmother passed away, she was captured on camera by a passing Google car. Her photo is saved forever in the Google Maps app, and that fact was just too moving for her grandson not to share. So far, the video has more than 101,000 views and has even prompted a few people to share similar stories.

So far, the video has more than 101,000 views and has even prompted a few people to share similar stories.

“My aged dad who has dementia is also on google street view,” one commenter wrote. “That means so much to me and my fam.”

“You reminded me of my late mom…who was captured also on google!” said someone else.

“I truly know how u feel, coz my late grandpa could be found on google images and maps too,” another person added. “and the pictures were all located at his favourite places.”

Others couldn’t help but get emotional over the story, which made them long for their loved ones who’ve passed on.

“This legit made me tear up,” wrote one TikToker. “My grandma left us 1.5 years ago. Bless Google maps and this serendipitous capture.”

“Bro you just reminded me my grandma,” said another.

“This is making me teary eyed,” yet another person wrote. “It is nice that you have this memory of her. I hope google doesn’t delete this photo of her.”

In fact, quite a few people urged @retroridersg to save a screenshot of the Google Maps image, just in case Google updates its policy one day or replaces the image with a more up-to-date one. He assured them all that he had already saved screenshots of the memorable photo for the same reason.

As for how he found it in the first place, the grandson said he was randomly searching Google Maps one day to see if his family had ever been captured on it long before his grandmother passed away. Eventually, he started putting in places he knew his grandma went, and as luck would have it, this photo popped up.

“She went [there] on her daily grocery shopping,” he told one TikToker. “Funny enough I rem showing it to her and asked whether did she saw a car with a huge camera lol.”

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