Clean water is important! Drop this pod in a bottle, pitcher or glass and purify it anywhere

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Not all tap water tastes great or is even drinkable. If you can’t pour a glass without using some sort of water-filtering pitcher, you need to know about GOpure, the reusable water-filtering pod.

You can drop a GOpure pod into a pitcher, glass, coffee maker, water bottle or any other vessel, and it will purify your water in as little as two minutes.

GOpure Pod Water Purifier Starter Pack, $54.95

Credit: GOpure

The pods use a natural material called diatomaceous earth (DE) to purify water. “This filtration power comes from an unlimited, renewable resource that has served as ‘nature’s filter’ for 20 million years: diatomaceous earth,” the brand’s website says. “Because diatomaceous earth is a natural, positively charged material, it attracts and neutralizes contaminants present in the water.”

In other words, DE acts like a magnet to attract and absorb heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, inorganic materials and more.

Nonetheless, the pods are reusable, and you can use them a lot. Each pod can purify up to 264 gallons of water, which the brand equates to 2,000 refills of a standard-sized water bottle.

On the sustainability front, the pods also ship in a recyclable glass bottle, and you can send your pods back to the company for recycling.

To use it, first rinse the pod under cold water for 10 seconds. Make sure your water bottle or container is clean before using your pod for the first time. Then, drop it in, and wait two minutes. To speed up the process, you can give it a little swirl. If you refill your bottle, you should wait another two minutes for it to purify that water as well.

“I absolutely love this little pod.” wrote one reviewer. “I am staying in temporary accommodations for a month and hate the waste of buying bottled water, but the tap water here tastes awful. I bought this, and the improvement was drastic. Filtered tap water tastes just as good as bottled! The biggest improvement was in my cup of tea. I used filtered water instead of tap water in the kettle, and there’s no longer an icky film on the top of my cuppa in the morning.”

“This cartridge saved my day!” another reviewer wrote. “My water [smelled] like chlorine until I purchased this cartridge! GOpure, in less than a minute, changed my water to no odor, good taste and clear! I’m very happy and can’t do without it.”

You can order a starter pack, which includes two pods, for $54.95 or $43.96 if you subscribe to receive new pods every six months. There’s also a pet pack that comes with a holder to attach a pod to the bottom of your pet’s water bowl for $57.45. Overall, it’s worth it for cleaner, better-tasting water and ease.

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