TikTokers are obsessed with finding stores housed in ‘goth’ buildings

TikTokers are on the hunt for “goth” storefronts. No, not shops that sell goth attire or memorabilia. People are finding popular stores, like Trader Joe’s and CVS, that have locations that evoke a certain gothness. It’s all very spooky…

What is goth?

The goth subculture is roughly 50 years old. It first arose in the United Kingdom during the ’80s when gothic rock bands like the Cure and Joy Division rose in popularity. Typically goth culture references post-punk music with Gothic fiction and horror film aesthetics. 

Gothic architecture, on the other hand, predates the subculture harkening back to late 12th-century Europe. This building style is categorized by pointed arches, flying buttresses and intricate details. Think of old churches, castles and universities as some ubiquitous examples of Gothic architecture. 

The TikTok trend is more about the goth subculture than historically Gothic architecture.

Goth CVS

“What if we went to the goth CVS for V-day?” @spookylegend said. 

The goth TikToker and her boyfriend explored the teddy bear section of the pharmacy that had high arches and moody brown molding on the walls. 

In 2012, East L.A.’s Golden Gate Theater, built in 1927, was converted into what is now known as the “Goth CVS.” When CVS signed a 50-year lease to rent the building, they promised to preserve its original architecture. 

“My body isn’t a temple, it’s the gothic CVS pharmacy in East Los Angeles,” @hwizzylol tweeted

“Dark CVS, please give me your unholy ibuprofen,” someone said in a Reddit meme. 

Goth Trader Joe’s


“You’ve heard of goth CVS now get ready for goth Trader Joe’s,” @kekiscool said. 

Dressed in all black, she visited a Trader Joe’s with a stone facade and iron gates. The supermarket is located in Delaware County, Penn. at the Media Armory. The National Guard Armory was built in 1908. The building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, was renovated and restored in 2004. Trader Joe’s occupies the upper level which is now retail space.

Goth or “Evil” Target

Another TikToker discovered a Target with an ornate all-black storefront in Chicago. Reddit however, dubbed the location “Evil Target” for its gloomy grandiosity. 

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