Victorian-themed ‘gothic’ nursery conceals secret room bursting with color: ‘That is the coolest hidden room ever’

When a family received hate for their all-black “gothic” nursery, they revealed a secret playroom absolutely bursting with color, and TikTok is floored.

Mom, TikToker, and professional wrestler Reby Hardy (@rebyhardy) gained over 8 million views when she uploaded a virtual tour of her baby’s Victorian-themed nursery.

But, much like the first-time mom who was shamed for her “insane” delivery day rules for her family and friends, TikTokers had strong opinions about the nursery, and didn’t hesitate to share them.

So, Reby decided to put the haters in their place by revealing the kaleidoscopic playroom hiding within the walls of her all-black nursery.

When Reby shared footage of her baby’s moody, all-black nursery, her video was met with a surprising amount of backlash.

“Wow, a room that doesn’t stimulate a baby’s mind, but [is] fashionable for mommy,” one user wrote.

“Why [are] you making her emo? Isn’t it a choice?” another user commented.

“I feel so bad for that kid,” wrote another user.

“Don’t you think this is a little scary for a baby?” another user asked.

“That poor child,” wrote one user.

But it was one judgmental comment in particular that Reby decided to reply to: “Wow, that’s so sad, babies need color to develop.”

Recruiting her also-famous husband, wrestler Matt Hardy, Reby decided to reveal what was lurking behind their baby’s black walls.

What looks like an ordinary — albeit very Addams Family-esque — bookshelf, is actually a door that opens to a wonderland of colorful posters, smiling giraffes, a jungle-themed loft, and more.

TikTokers were shocked by the revelation. “This. Is. Why. We. Don’t. Judge,” one user wrote.

“It’s almost like… people should just worry about their own babies,” another user commented.

But Reby and Matt didn’t stop there. They continued to shock their haters by revealing their kids’ even more cheerful bathroom.


Reply to @baconandeggs1992 the of ppl “concerned” about my baby’s ✨stimulation✨… #kidsroom #ensuite #goth #pottytrainning #gothmom

♬ original sound – Reby Hardy

“The [number] of people concerned about my baby’s stimulation,” the caption of their next revelatory video reads.

After giving viewers a virtual tour of the jolly bathroom — decorated with sunshine yellow balloons, smiling poop emojis, and a cheerful “Potty Time” sign — the parents punctuate their point with bold text: “MIND YO BUSINESS.”

While Reby and Matt’s home might look a little more opulent than the average family’s, we can all take an important lesson away from their TikToks: that what we see online is often just a small sliver of the truth — and that we never know what’s truly going on behind closed doors.

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