Woman faces backlash after demanding pricey graduation gift: ‘She’s way too entitled”

A teenager can’t believe her big sister’s expensive graduation present request. 

The 18-year-old asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. She received a student loan from the government for the upcoming school year. Then her 25-year-old sister demanded a £500 diamond necklace as a graduation gift. The big sister even asked the Reddit poster to use the student loans to buy it. 

“My sister asked me to buy her this £500 diamond necklace that she likes,” the Reddit poster said. “I was given a student loan by the government, so I could afford the necklace. But I’m moving out next year and I live in a really expensive city. I plan on doing a study abroad next summer; so money is gonna be kinda tight. Also, my parents can’t afford to help me financially, so I’ll be living off my loan. My sister was like £500 won’t make a dent in my bank account and she deserves it because she graduated university.” 

The Reddit poster refused to buy her big sister the necklace but the rest of the family doesn’t appear to be on her side. 

“I told my sister no because I need to save my money and she called me stingy and hasn’t spoken to me in like a week,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She literally ignores my whole existence. My mom says I should just be the bigger person and apologize, but I don’t know what to say. Should I be like, ‘sorry for not buying you a £500 gift?’ I actually think my sister should apologize, since she’s way older than me and she got loads of money from my grandparents for her graduation, If she desperately needed this necklace she could just use that. Do you think I should apologize or let her keep ignoring me?” 

Reddit users thought the big sister was being ridiculous.

“She’s way too entitled,” one person said

“You have a loan, which is to help you live and pay for your education, not to buy expensive jewelry,” another said.

“Your sister is entitled and completely wrong about this,” someone commented.  

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