What is the grandfather clock TikTok trend?

The grandfather clock trend is taking over TikTok, and you can thank this spooky season of Stranger Things

Netflix dropped season four of the hit series, and it’s totally horror-themed. That means you can be sure this hilarious trend has a tinge of ominousness. If you don’t follow the show, you may not understand why TikTokers on your FYP are acting like they see things that aren’t actually there. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral Stranger Things trendMinimal spoilers ahead. 

Where does the grandfather clock sound come from on TikTok? 

The trend uses the sound of a ticking grandfather clock pulled from the series. When a character hears the clock, it means they’re about to die a gruesome death at the hands of the season’s villain Vecna. Headaches and hallucinating clocks are other signs that Vecna is coming. 

What is the grandfather clock trend on TikTok? 

Fans of the show use the clock sound to reference season four in videos about how Vecna is hunting them. 

If you haven’t watched the current season, @pootaniumpootifiedpoot won’t make much sense to you. 

“Guys, look at this clock I got at the thrift store. I’m in love,” they wrote in the caption. But there was no clock to be seen. 

How did the grandfather clock trend start on TikTok? 

The trend was started by @taqwyd, who stated, “Nah you know when you heard this someone was about to get merked. When I saw Vecna get the first person. They went all out for season 4.” 

The sound has since been used in over 46,000 videos on TikTok. 


vecna ain’t catchin me lackin 💀 #strangerthings #fypシ

♬ original sound – Taqwyd

“POV: I hear that mf clock,” @joflexes said, opting to put in his earbuds to escape Vecna. 

“Your minding your own business and you hear this behind you,” @rosie_rgm said in a video

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