Grandfather gets choked up when he sees his newborn grandson’s name: ‘I’m crying’

We’re not crying — you’re crying!

One grandfather got the surprise of his life when his daughter, who had recently given birth, showed him the hospital card with her newborn son’s name at the top, which happened to be his own.

Sarai Futi of Brisbane, Australia, gave birth to a baby boy in June and shared an Instagram video of her handing the name card to her father, Samuelu.

“My dad has always been my whole world,” she wrote in the caption. “I’m so proud that my son will carry his name. Forever the king of my heart. I love you papa bear.”

As Futi hands the card to her father, it takes him a few seconds before the sentence at the top registers. “My name is Samuelu,” it reads, referring to her baby.

Shortly after he looks at the card, grandfather Samuelu’s mouth falls open before his expression turns into a smile as he starts to get choked up.

He wipes tears from his eyes as he gazes at his grandson’s name.

‘I’m crying’

Instagram users got caught up in the emotion, too, leaving comments praising the move by the new mom.

“Love it,” one Instagrammer wrote. “Looks like a gentleman with a heart of gold.”

“His expression says it all!” another user wrote. “God bless you guys.”

“I’m crying,” wrote another, apparently also feeling the love.

With more than 159,000 likes and 1,000-plus comments, the video has definitely resonated with the Instagram crowd. What a special moment that both Samuelus can replay for years to come.

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