Granddaughter’s piano-playing has magical effect on grandpa with Alzheimer’s: ‘Time is precious’

A 93-year-old grandfather with Alzheimer’s had the sweetest reaction to his granddaughter playing piano, and the heartwarming footage is going viral.

TikToker Sheela Awe (@sheelaawe) gained over 10.8 million views and nearly 12,000 comments when she uploaded the touching video to her account.

Now, just like the heartbroken husband who “just wanted to be a dad,” Sheela’s TikTok is bringing people to tears around the world — and reminding people just how powerful love can be.

In Sheela’s video, she plays a sped-up version of Bach’s Prelude In C Major as she tells the story of her grandfather.

“My grandpa is 93 and has Alzheimer’s. Every 10 minutes, he asks me who I am and where I’m from,” she writes.

As she continues to play, her grandfather appears in the background of her video, sneaking in to “see who is playing the piano,” according to Sheela.

“He’s thinking, ‘who is this strange lady playing my piano?'” Sheela writes.

Her grandfather hovers for a bit, watching her play silently, then walks a little closer.

“He seems to be enjoying it…I think,” Sheela writes.

Finally, Grandpa smiles and gives his talented granddaughter a thumbs-up before settling into a nearby recliner, where he eventually dozes off.

“It’s moments like these — cherish your loved ones and make each moment count. Time is precious,” Sheela writes.

I could watch this forever…”

Thousands of TikTokers were touched by Sheela’s video, judging by the comments that came pouring in.

“Play songs that were popular during his time! Maybe you can unlock some memories! Music is powerful and magical,” one user wrote.

“Girl, you made me cry. This was such a pure interaction. I hope you both have more moments like this,” another user commented.

“He might not know who you are, but he knows you are important,” wrote one user.

“I could watch this forever,” another user shared.

Sheela’s video is a powerful reminder of just how important it is to cherish all of life’s small moments, especially with the people we love.

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