Mom catches grandpa and baby napping soundly together in adorable TikTok: ‘Serotonin snoozes’

A mom captured a picture-perfect moment when she spotted her baby boy and his grandfather during nap time. 

There’s nothing like a baby’s quality time with the grandparents to get the serotonin going. TikTok mom Grace Brown walked into her nursery one day and caught the cutest bonding moment between her father and son. The grandpa and baby had fallen asleep together in the most adorable position. 

“Serotonin snoozes,” Brown captioned the video. 

The grandfather was sitting on the sofa in the baby’s nursery. He was sound asleep with his hands on his lap. Resting comfortably on grandpa’s belly was Brown’s baby boy. 

The infant was sprawled out and yet somehow perfectly balanced on the senior’s tummy. As the grandfather breathed in and out, the little boy would rise and fall with his chest. It was the coziest naptime. 

The heartwarming video received over 14 million views and 2.7 million likes on TikTok

“The best part is even though grandpa is sleeping his hands are ready to wake up and catch!” someone commented

“Grandpa’s belly perch is the safest, most comfortable spot for babies,” another wrote

“I think we all know that snoozing grandpas have lightning-fast reflexes for some reason. That baby is perfectly safe,” a person said

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