This TikToker introduced his grandpa to bubble tea, and it’s so wholesome

This grandpa trying bubble tea for the first time is the most wholesome thing you’ll see today. 

TikTok user @Germskii posted the video and within a week it went viral with over 5.5 million views and counting. But why were millions of people so interested in this grandpa trying bubble tea? After the first few seconds of the clip, it’s no surprise that the internet fell in love with this man. 

Upon receiving the bubble tea, the man asks (in Spanish) “does it have tequila?” 

When the filmer said no, grandpa responded: “then I’m not gonna like it.” 

Despite the disappointing lack of hard alcohol, the adorable man took a sip of the peach flavored drink, which had added honey boba. 

Grandpa’s reaction to the drink was nothing short of priceless. At first, it’s hard to tell if he hates it or loves it. If anything, he seems shocked. But according to the video’s caption, he “liked” it. That’ll work! 

Predictably, the comment section was popping with support for the man. 

“He is precious and funny,” said one post.

“He’s adorable,” said another. 

“PLS HE’S SO CUTE I LOVE HIM,” screamed one of the more enthusiastic viewers. 

But many of the comments were also looking out for grandpa’s initial request, hoping the man would get his eventual happy hour. 

“You better add some tequila in there for him,” said one comment, which got over 50k likes. 

As is true with many viral videos, the clip left viewers wanting more of their favorite new TikTok star. And @Germskii obliged, posting another clip of his grandpa heating a tortilla, and another of him making food for his dog

But perhaps the most important video of all was grandpa finally getting his shot of tequila, which he appeared to enjoy slightly more than the bubble tea.

Drink preferences aside, it’s comforting to know that TikTok hasn’t seen the last of this cheerful grandpa. Keep ‘em coming, @germskii. Salud- to your health! 

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