Grandpas’ hilariously frustrating gender reveal cracks up parents-to-be: ‘The build-up just kept coming’

Two grandpas-to-be created the most suspenseful gender reveal ever, and the hilarious footage is going viral!

TikToker @kadiyaewersolds gained over 10 million views and 1,400 comments when she posted the video online.

And, just like the grandpa who had no idea his little granddaughter was buzzing him bald, these grandparents are cracking up TikTokers around the world.

In the video, @kadiyaewersolds explains that her best friends are expecting their first child.

On either side of the couple stand their dads, the excited grandpas-to-be, who hold the gender reveal poppers.

The emotional party-goers begin the countdown, ready to learn whether the couple will be having a boy or girl.

But when the countdown ends, rather than pull their poppers open, the grandpas decide to prolong the suspense with funny chitchat β€” much to the frustration of the laughing crowd.

The grandpas resume their places, assuring the crowd that this time will be for real β€” but again, when the countdown ends, the men break into a little skit. Again the partiers groan and laugh as the expecting couple face-palms and shakes their heads.

Finally, at the end of the third countdown, the grandpas pop their canons, and a bright burst of pink powder explodes against the sky. The crowd cheers, the couple hugs, and TikTokers watching at home breathe a sigh of relief as the suspense finally lifts!

‘That baby’s gonna be brought up around so much love…’

TikTokers came to the comment section by the thousands to share their reactions to the hilariously suspenseful gender reveal.

“I can feel the frustration of the [mom],” one user laughed.

“Ugh the build-up just kept coming,” groaned another user.

“Awesome! That baby’s gonna be brought up around so much love with what looks like very excited grandads and parents!” one user shared.

“Congratulations, she’s going to have two wonderful granddads,” commented another user.

“They are going to be fantastic grandpas,” wrote one user.

“This little girl is going to have the best grandpas EVER,” laughed another user.

With a family so full of mischief and humor, this baby girl is bound to have a fun and happy upbringing!

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