Who is Granny? Meet Twitch’s latest character streamer

Granny is the latest character streamer to make a splash on Twitch. Though Granny hasn’t divulged much about her personal life, here’s what we know.

As entertainers, all streamers offer a certain appeal to their respective audiences. In Granny’s case, it’s a persona.

With her poofy white hair, retro outfits (which are surprisingly well-styled) and huge glasses, Granny adopts the masquerade of a hip grandma. Her exaggerated Scottish accent also evokes the image of Mrs. Doubtfire, the drag queen governess played by the late Robin Williams

Granny takes the act even further with her stream set-up. Her camera quality is intentionally grainy to mimic the footage of an old VHS tape. In this YouTube video (which also includes a stream with T-Pain), Granny showed off her special backgrounds, which include an outdoor bathtub and a pink hobbit home.

She can seamlessly shift between being supportive and ornery. Sometimes, Granny has been so shocked that she’s nearly broken character. Her bigger-than-life personality, good-natured trolling and matronly encouragement (“Yer doing so well!”) have garnered Granny a devoted audience on Twitch. 

And that audience is growing rapidly. Granny gained over 6,000 new followers (for a current total of 31,515 followers) in November 2020 according to Social Blade and is continuing to trend upward.

As for the person behind Granny, they largely remain a mystery. Some digging through Granny’s Instagram account suggests that the streamer behind the persona is male-presenting and has participated in drag shows, which explains their ease and skill of being on camera.

In an interview with Dexerto (done all in-character), Granny revealed that she worked at a finance firm in New York City for three years and began streaming as a way to cope with burnout.

“Right around that time, Red Dead Redemption 2 came out and I found a huge comfort being immersed in that world while I took time to recover and figure out my next steps,” she told Dexerto.

Granny enjoyed streaming so much that in February 2019, she moved to New Zealand to pursue it as a full-time career.

So far, Granny’s hard work has been paying off. Not only has she collaborated with T-Pain, but has also caught the attention of Trixie Mattel who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I mean, who else can you depend on to absolutely nail a Mrs. Doubtfire reference?

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