Grateful kids have the sweetest reaction to inflatable snowman

This mom bought her kids an inflatable snowman after being unable to afford Christmas decorations in previous years, and their reaction was so adorable!

Allie Weeks Murray (@allieweeksmurray) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos about her life as a mom. While Allie and her husband adore their kids, and love getting into the Christmas spirit, they haven’t always had the money to splurge on Christmas decorations. That’s why it meant so much to Allie’s kids when she bought them an inflatable snowman decoration.

In the emotional video, Allie records her kids’ reactions to the festive Christmas decoration and it couldn’t be more moving!


Christmas is already expensive. Trying to add outdoor lights and decor just never made it to a priority for us, especially in our big struggle years. This year, we still couldn’t prioritize full house lights but I decided I’d get them something small and it turns out, that’s all they needed. 🥹🥹🥹 I love these kids and their thankful hearts so much!!!!! #thankfulkids #momlifeisthebest #thankfulhearts

♬ Bundle of Joy – Jartisto

The video begins with two of Allie’s kids standing inside the house, peering out through the screen door. They hesitantly open the door and head outside, looking around curiously. Then, Allie’s daughter gasps and holds her hands up to her face. After a moment, her brother does the same thing. 

Allie pans the camera over to show what has caught her kids’ eyes. It’s an inflatable snowman sitting just outside the front door!

“We’ve never had outdoor Christmas decor before because it never fit in the budget,” Allie explains in a caption. “They have asked for 3-4 years now and we were never able to make it happen.”

Overwhelmed by excitement, Allie’s son and daughter call for their other sibling, who emerges and has a similar excited reaction. “I always pictured it being our whole house, but it turns out a cheap little snowman was perfect for them,” Allie writes. 

The kids jump up and down in excitement, squealing and even tearing up a bit. “Can I hug it?” Allie’s son asks, before running and throwing his arms around the little snowman. After a moment, the rest of the kids run over, too.

“I don’t need anything else but you for Christmas,” one of Allie’s kids says as the video ends. 

Viewers were moved by Allie’s video and her sweet kids. 

“I love how grateful they are! Great job to the parents!” one viewer wrote. 

“Them being appreciative makes it so worth it,” commented another viewer. 

“Clearly your kiddos have been raised to be appreciative and grateful! This is so sweet,” another TikToker chimed in. 

Allie’s video proves that sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of money to create a real Christmas miracle!

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