5 gratitude games to play with your family at the Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, food, and, of course, gratitude. If you’re on the hunt for entertaining ways to help your family express their gratitude this Thanksgiving, look no further!

These gratitude games will help your family get into the Thanksgiving spirit and are a fun way to get them to think about the things they are grateful for.

Here are 5 gratitude games you can play with your family this Thanksgiving. 

1. Gratitude alphabet game

This gratitude game is simple and doesn’t require any materials to play. All you and your family need is a little bit of imagination. To play the gratitude alphabet game, players simply go around the table and name something they’re grateful for—but there’s a catch. Players must go through the alphabet in order, taking turns to name something they’re grateful for starting with the letter A and working their way all the way to the letter Z. 

2. Gratitude candy game

For kids with a sweet tooth, this gratitude game might be just the ticket. To play it, fill a bowl with Skittles, M&M’s, or any multi-colored candy. Then, make a key card with different gratitude prompts corresponding to the different candy colors. For example, red might be “a person you are grateful for,” while yellow could be “a memory you are grateful for.” To play, each player closes their eyes, takes a candy from the bowl, and then responds to the corresponding prompt. 

3. Gratitude turkey game

This game takes a little bit of prep work, but the results are adorable. Cut a turkey shape out of brown construction paper, then cut feather, beak, and foot shapes using multi-colored construction paper. Glue everything together to create your construction paper turkey, then add googly eyes for good measure. On Thanksgiving day, give a turkey to each of your friends and family members, and instruct them to write something they are thankful for on each turkey feather.

4. Gratitude art game

This gratitude game is like an art project meets a scavenger hunt. To play it, give each participant a piece of paper and colored pencils or markers. Then, tell them to explore your home or backyard and draw all of the things they are thankful for. If you’d rather play the game at the dinner table you can also play by instructing people to choose things they can see from their seat that they are grateful for and draw them.

5. Gratitude jar game

To make this gratitude game, all you need is a jar, a pen, and some paper. Before Thanksgiving dinner starts, write gratitude-related questions on small slips of paper and place them in the jar. Questions can be as serious or as goofy as you want. Then, once everyone is gathered around the Thanksgiving table, pass the jar around and let people take turns answering the different questions.

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