Great, this is what scientists say we’re going to look like in 25 years

Inner beauty matters most, but this model of what the average remote worker will look like in 2045 is terrifying to look at.

“Susan” was rendered by psychologists and fitness experts to determine what the lasting negative effects of working from home are. The world is in the midst of the largest remote working experiment ever and many people do not know how to adjust and properly take care of themselves in this new environment and lifestyle.

If we don’t change our working habits, we will turn into Susan.

According to the site DirectApply, which conducted the study, Susan has digital eye strain from staring at a computer all day — both while working and during her free time — which explains her bloodshot eyes. The skin around her eyes looks irritated, presumably from Susan rubbing them so frequently because digital eye strain causes blurry vision and dry eyes. If she doesn’t have glasses already, she’s going to need to get a pair soon.

Lack of physical exercise and movement has left Susan with poor posture. Her neck is hyperextended, again from staring at the computer, and her shoulders are rounded from hunching over a laptop or keyboard.

Working indoors all day limits vitamin D exposure, which explains Susan’s thinning hair and pale skin. Her overall appearance can be influenced by a lack of social interaction and an increase in stress, both of which impact cortisol levels in the human body. Her premature wrinkles are a result of being in front of a blue light screen all day as well.

How do we avoid becoming Susan? Health experts say that we need to be taking more regular breaks, both for our bodies and for our eyes. The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York claims that even if we’re comfortable, we should not sit in the same exact position for hours at a time.

Taking a break every 15 or 30 minutes can have more of an impact than you might assume, even if the break is only for a minute.

Does this article freak you out? A psychologist filled us in on some do’s and don’ts for social-distance-related anxiety.

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