TikTok users are sharing their ‘green flags’ in relationships and the bar is very low

TikTokers really aren’t asking for too much with their relationship green flags. 

Green flags are pretty much the opposite of red flags. They’re the signs that you should continue seeing a romantic partner, whereas red flags indicate you should dump the person immediately. Women on TikTok are sharing their green flags for men and the bar is so low a pancake couldn’t slip through it. Ironically, that’s kind of a red flag in and of itself, isn’t it? 

TikTokers’ green flags set low expectations

The user @fratboy.24 said, “brown hair,” “will hold hand in public” and “talks to me more than just over text” were her green flags. She should probably aim a little higher than “he talks to me in person.” 


the cuter they are , the more spelling errors 😩 #MyColoredHair #foryou #greenflags #fyp #relatable

♬ ylang ylang – jess

Some of @dianyuhhh’s green flags were that he respects his mom, can spell and asks for her phone number and not her Snapchat. Men really need to get it together. 


my green flags 💚 add more that I missed in the comments! #DateNight #greenflags

♬ ylang ylang – jess

Meanwhile, @date0rnot wanted a man who was, “polite to servers” and “has a sister.” Treating service workers with respect shouldn’t be a tall order for any decent human but here we are. 

Some are warning that green flags can actually be red flags. 

Lindsey Metselaar, the host of the millennial dating podcast @wemetatacme, said to be wary of these so-called green flags. 

“They’re already planning your lives together on the first date, they said I love you too quickly, they introduce you to their friends and family right away,” Metselaar listed as red flags. “They want to hang out with you all the time.” 

Identifying red flags isn’t just about recognizing the pet peeves that will drive you crazy later on, it’s about protecting yourself from undue harm. 

Some major red flags include: 

  • Pushing your physical boundaries 
  • Keeping you from your family and friends
  • Describing their exes as “crazy” 
  • Name-calling
  • Cheating on their previous partner with you
  • Keeping secrets
  • Refusing to make your relationship public
  • Unwilling to apologize 

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