TikTokers can’t believe how ‘unhinged’ the price of this 455-square-foot studio is: ‘Clutching my pearls’

A real estate agent showed what a $465,000 studio apartment looked like in New York City. TikTok was appalled. 

Kristen Rylander gave an inside peek at a 455-square-foot studio in Greenwich Village (a covetable neighborhood in NYC). But when she showed what the apartment actually looked like compared to the online photos, the vibe was very much “what I ordered versus what I got.” 

The apartment on Cornelia Street looked nice and spacious in the photos. But the actual footage showed the spot was much more cramped. The shower was located in the kitchen, and the toilet was in a tiny closet-like room. Rylander revealed the monthly maintenance fee was $1,044 — and that’s excluding the mortgage. 

“I think it’s super high maintenance for what this apartment is,” she added

The apartment just ultimately didn’t seem worth it to the realtor. People on TikTok vehemently agreed.

“What quirks will you put up with for the right ‘location’?” she asked

“I get NY is special but I live in GA and have a 2500 sqft home w .75 acre and my mortgage is less than the maintenance.,” a user commented

“The maintenance is unhinged??? Is there a rooftop pool im not seeing?” another wrote

“I don’t think the price is completely outrageous considering the location but that maintenance fee is laughably high for what it is,” someone added

“My midwestern self clutching my pearls,” a person joked

“A studio for half a million LMAO. I can relate though, I live in Silicon Valley,” a TikToker replied

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