Griffin Johnson apologizes to Dixie D’Amelio after a very public cheating scandal

After avoiding the issue for weeks, TikTok star Griffin Johnson finally addressed his breakup with Dixie D’Amelio and offered an apology to her and his fans over the scandal.

The pair confirmed their relationship in June, but by early July, rumors that Johnson was unfaithful began to spread.

D’Amelio deflected questions about the breakup in late July, but stealthily liked tweets and reached out to other women Johnson purportedly flirted with.

On August 12, which also happened to be D’Amelio’s birthday, Johnson shared a fake apology video in response to the cheating allegations — and it didn’t go over well.

“Just wanted to say I’m really disappointed in you,” one commenter said. “You used to be one of my favorite TikTokers and now you’re just an embarrassment.”

“I’m actually sick of this high school drama,” another wrote.

On September 1, more than a month after the breakup occurred, Johnson took to Twitter to apologize for his hand in the drama.

“People have been asking me for a long time to make an apology,” he began, then went on to say he waited to make a statement as an attempt to “limit press & attention outside the TikTok community.” 

“Sadly, it’s been over a month now and if anything, it has gotten worse so I want to end this,” he wrote.

He said the relationship was “far from perfect on both sides,” but apologized to his fans regardless.

“I’m not always proud of my decisions,” he said. “Most importantly, I want to publicly apologize to Dixie for the hurt that I have caused. I am human, I am not proud of some of my choices.”

Johnson asked his followers to “respect Dixie and her decisions.” On August 14, D’Amelio asked the same of her fans on his behalf.

It took him a few weeks to catch up, but it’s nice to see both sides of the breakup looking out for each other.

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