Mom transforms old paper grocery bags into giant fortune teller

This mom on TikTok shared a tutorial for making a kid-friendly DIY giant fortune teller out of paper grocery bags, and the results are an oversized delight!

TikToker Sasset Sheldon (@sasset_) is a busy parent, color analyst, and clothing designer who frequently shares clips about her profession in addition to the occasional parenting tip and trick

One of Sheldon’s videos features a tutorial for making a giant paper fortune teller out of paper grocery bags, and viewers are obsessed with the creative and sustainable craft

The clip opens with footage of regular-sized fortune tellers, made from pieces of paper that are folded into pocket-like structures, labeled with colors and numbers as options for players to select before unfolding one of the eight flaps containing secret messages written on the inside. 

Sheldon explains that her children’s affinity for these paper fortune tellers inspired her to make them a giant one for Easter, using two-and-a-half paper shopping bags

First, Sheldon uses a pair of scissors to cut the creases of each bag so they lay flat. Next, she removes the bottom parts of the bags. 

After arranging overlapping pieces of paper to construct a 36 x 36-inch square, Sheldon seals them together using a clothing iron. 

Finally, she makes the almighty fortune teller by folding the paper diagonally, making it easier to fold all four corners towards the center. 

Sheldon then flips over the paper and folds the corners to the center again. Finally, she folds the paper in half before inserting her hands into the flaps to create the fortune teller’s classic pyramid shape. 

Viewers were impressed with Sheldon’s budget-friendly, sustainable, supersized fortune teller, which took just 20 minutes and zero dollars to make. 

“Wow, that’s so creative and a good way to reuse things,” complimented one user. 

“That’s so cool,” one TikToker raved. 

Projects like Sheldon’s are a great example of all the cool things you can make using recyclable materials that you probably already have, making your wallet and the environment happy!  

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