Groom stirs drama by rejecting family’s ‘selfish’ wedding request: ‘It’s your day too’

A man is upset his brother-in-law (BIL) asked to propose at his wedding.

The groom-to-be went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was wrong for putting his foot down. The user’s fiancée always wants to please her brother so when he made the strange request, she quickly agreed. 

“My soon-to-be BIL wants to propose to his girlfriend of six months at our wedding,” the user explained. “He came over to ask my fiancée [his sister] if that would be okay and she is always doing everything to make him happy and said of course. I was at work and she told me after I came home. I said I don’t think I’m okay with that because this should be our day and I don’t want any spotlight to be taken away from her. She said that was sweet saying that but she is okay with doing this for her brother.” 

He explained that his fiancée often coddled her brother and most of the time it’s fine, but this time was too far. 

“She basically told me not to worry about it, this will be our day no matter what but I think she is a bit blind to her relationship with her brother,” the user wrote. “Finally, I told her I don’t want the proposal happening on our wedding day but we could help her brother set something up on another day. She accepted my position and said she will talk to her brother. Since I made my stand clear, I’m getting calls from her family that it’s none of my business if my fiancée wants to let BIL propose on our wedding because she is the bride and she gets the say.” 

Reddit users believed the groom-to-be should have an equal say in the wedding.

“He [BIL] can’t respect your choice because he’s selfish,” one user commented

“It is your day too!” another wrote

“There are two people getting married and they should both have an equal say,” someone added

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