Groom-to-be stirs drama with non-traditional proposal move: ‘I would not apologize’

A man insulted his fiancée’s grandmother when he didn’t get a diamond engagement ring

The groom-to-be consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if the unconventional ring was a misstep. When he proposed to his girlfriend with a family heirloom, it wasn’t enough for his tentative grandmother-in-law. 

“I just proposed to my girlfriend of four years. She doesn’t really like jewelry as a whole and has said she doesn’t like diamonds,” he explained. “I was really struggling to find a ring that I thought she’d like enough to wear. My mother pulled me aside and offered me one. She had a beautiful sapphire ring that’s been in my family for many years and Sapphire happens to be my fiancée’s birthday stone. I proposed with the ring, and she loves it. She always commented on how pretty she thought the ring was, so I’m really happy she likes it so much.”

But his fiancée’s grandmother started to harp on the matter. 

“My fiancée’s grandmother however has been up my a** ever since I proposed about how I must not love her, how dare I give her a used ring, she can’t believe her granddaughter doesn’t have a diamond,” he said. “We had dinner with her family and she wouldn’t let up. My fiancée said she loved the ring and didn’t like diamonds. That still didn’t stop her grandmother and finally, I said, ‘I’m sorry you feel that way, but you’ve more than made your disapproval clear. We don’t need to keep beating the dead horse here.’ Now she’s all sorts of offended and is demanding my fiancée call off the wedding. My fiancée’s dad wants me to apologize to keep the peace with his mother, but my fiancée doesn’t want me to because she doesn’t think I did anything wrong.”

Reddit believed the fiancée did nothing wrong.

“I would not apologize. She’s the one who needs to be apologizing for stirring the pot continuously,” one user commented

“Stand your ground early on and hopefully she will get the hint and shut her face,” another wrote.

“Your fiancée doesn’t want you to apologize, so I think you should follow her lead here,” someone added.

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